Who Are We

The Web3 strategy & economic rock stars

We are a Swiss advisory company specialised in the token economy.
Our vision is to promote sustainable Web3 innovations that foster economic freedom. That is why we are on a mission to help businesses and entrepreneurs to transition to the Web3 economy.





At NOMA we work hard to be the best at what we do because we love it. We are crypto native and have an ape life at night. You can find us in many discords, trying new protocols, bridging between different L1s and L2s, LPing, sniffing rug pulls or trading jpegs with our frens.

We are also advisors and anon core members of some of the most innovative blockchain protocols.

our team

Meet the rock stars

The NOMA team includes experts in business, economics, entrepreneurship, blockchain & Web3 & innovation.


Founder and
Web3 Strategist

Founder and Web3 Strategist

Web3 entrepreneur, strategy and tokenomics advisor. I have advised hundreds of successful entrepreneurs through world class incubators and business schools.
Moreover, I have an executive background at blue-chip companies and worked in various industries, including Web3, Fintech, Foodtech, Streaming, NFT, blockchain and Social Media. Having earned my MBA from IMD Business School, I am also a seasoned tech investor.


Economist and business analyst

Web3 Economist & Business Analyst
Crypto economist passionate by Web3. Mathieu's expertise extends beyond the boundaries of traditional analysis, with specialised skills in Montecarlo analysis and data science. His proficiency in these areas empowers him to assess complex scenarios, develop precise projection and derive valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Mathieu graduated at HEC Lausanne - Economic and Finance.


Web3 Strategist and
Tech Advisor

Web3 Strategist and Tech Advisor

John helps emerging Web3 companies turn great ideas into innovative solutions.
He specializes in tokenomic design, incentive mechanisms, DAO governance, and treasury models.
John has helped build software for financial portfolio optimization, mutual fund analytics, big data processing, and machine learning for U.S. banks.
He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Dublin City University and an EMBA from IMD.



Web3 Economist

Economist & Innovation Manager at ¿por qué no?.
Graduated in business administration and master in taxation.
Advisor in strategy, innovation models, entrepreneurship ecosystems and digital economy. Specialist in the financial field of business models.

Meet the partners

We have gathered a multidisciplinary group of industry experts to help us turn your business into a successful Web3 venture.

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