What We Do

We design your token strategy


We build bridges between Web2 and Web3

Web3 has turned into one of the most competitive and fastest growing industries in existence.

New entrants face a steep learning curve. Concepts such as staking, vesting schedules, security vs. utility token, market making, liquidity pools, burning mechanism, launchpad, DAOs, layers 0, 1 & 2, side chains, multi-chain, bridges… etc, continuously evolve, creating a high barrier for entry.

Because we have walked this path before, we at Noma can guide you through, to help you launch your venture into Web3.

What we offer

Web3 Strategic Consulting

Strategy Eats Tokenomics at Breakfast.

We help you refining a robust Web3 strategy to get you ready for the token launch:

  • Utility Research
  • Comparable Analysis
  • Launch Strategy
  • Choice of Blockchains
  • Conclusions & recommendations

Token Lab

Tokenomics Done Right.

Our co-creation process allows you to actively participate in the design and modelling of your token, but with the rigour and peace of mind that Noma unique expertise grants.

  • Definition of the scope of work, token objectives & functionality
  • Review business plan, financial forecast and regulatory framework
  • Industrial research and token design proposal
  • Modelling and iteration
  • Final token design proposal
  • Conclusions & launch recommendations

Board Advisory Services

The rainbow in your cloud

We have successfully coached more than 100 startups. Our unique Web3 economy expertise can help you build a lasting competitive advantage.

We help VC firms to guide the transition of their companies from Web2 to Web3.

We can also join your business as an advisor.

Education & Speaker Services

Learn as if you were to live forever (M.GANDHI).

Would you like to learn more about Web3, strategy & tokenomics? Noma will work with you to customise both, the educational content and the delivery method, to ensure your learning goals are met.

Noma has participated as keynote speaker in several events worldwide. Contact us to book a speaker.

Treasury Management

Tell money where to go instead of wondering where it went. (J. C. Maxwell)

Do you need advice about how to manage the treasurery of your Web3 project (e.g. DAO)? 

We help you define the best cash, financing and risk management strategies for your Web3 project.

Ready to jump on the Web3 bandwagon?       Talk to us.